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The most effective alarm centre in Switzerland.
The entire technology of the Argus company is available to our customers. All alarm systems and monitoring cameras are linked to the alarm centre around the clock. Absolute reliability is what sets our equipment apart. Our technicians are specialists in crisis management issues.


ISG’s teams work day and night.
Their vehicles are equipped with on-board computers which are integrated into our satellite communication system. The alarmed patrol with the shortest route is immediately directed to your location by GPS. The control centre simultaneously analyses the situation according to a precise protocol and is also available as reinforcement for the team already working on site. The ISC company offers a unique service throughout Europe and depends on sophisticated technology and carefully trained personnel.

In collaboration with our partner company Secusys AG, which is recognised by the Swiss Insurance Association, we also set up anti-burglary alarm systems which are always one step ahead.


ISG offers a wide range of high-quality network cameras to protect people and property, for the remote monitoring of devices and buildings and to send live video and audio, remote instruction, troubleshooting or web broadcasting.


A network camera (also called IP camera) can be described as a combination of a camera and a computer into one intelligent device.

It records and sends live video directly via an IP network, e.g. a LAN, an intranet or the Internet and allows users to view the images or operate the camera with a standard browser or with video monitoring software on every local or remote computer in a network. It allows authorised viewers at different locations to have simultaneous access to images from the same network camera.


Direct, 24/7 access to servers is also no problem with the neXgenNS Remote. Upon installation as a system service, it is even possible to carry out a re-start with a subsequent new connection remotely. It is a very secure solution for remote service. All connections run over completely secured data channels with Key Exchange and RC4 Session Encoding and thereby meet the security standards of https/SSL.


  • Manning a welcome desk (Reception)
  • Porter’s lodge and porter service (permanent monitoring)
  • Locksmith and door-opening service
  • Inspection rounds
  • Patrol service

Our property protection specialists and permanent monitoring are a valuable supplement to technical safety equipment for security at the workplace, the protection of merchandise and data, and to keep information confidential. While technology alone can never replace people, an optimum coordination of people and technology is the best security guarantee possible.

A customised security concept is prepared as our Security Risk Management Team takes the specific circumstances, inherent necessities of the environment and, of course, the customer’s ideas into account.

Businesses and private properties are subject to various risks; occupational accidents, fires, technical breakdowns and burglaries are only a few examples. In order to face these latent dangers head on, our property protection specialists make it their ongoing task to develop homogeneous security measures that are individually adapted to each property being monitored


  • Store detectives
  • Preventative monitoring
  • Observation specialists
  • Personnel and supplier checks
  • Video monitoring

Theft and misappropriation protection is essential today at department stores and office buildings. In order to limit the total damages, we recommend that you integrate our experienced security agents into your company as undercover investigators. Experience has also revealed to us that a constant presence by a uniformed security agent at the entrance has a tremendous preventative effect.


  • Conference and tradeshow security
  • Doorman
  • Access checks / Reception
  • Monitoring of a locked properties
  • Public order service / traffic control

Our guaranteed patrol service will safeguard conferences, industrial and commercial buildings from the outside and inside according to a clearly defined assignment. Trained guard dogs and their experienced trainers are also available upon request.

Tradeshows place special demands on security measures. With an appropriate security concept and strict checks, our security agents can prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to off-limit areas.

The professional appearance of our security agents, as well as their training in psychological conversation tactics to avoid conflicts, are two of the most important components of our security management. Due to intensive sessions with experienced, internationally recognised conflict resolution coaches, our employees can respond accordingly even in sensitive situations. That is particularly important for a “doorman”, who is also an exclusive calling card for each club.

We can prevent potential incidents with a strong presence and systematic personal security checks during ticket and hand-stamp control, thereby keeping violence from occurring. This is a measure which has proven to be effective and is appreciated by the visitors. In this regard, ISG also can take over patrol rounds, cash courier runs and monitor the entire event facility.

We develop reliable security concepts for major events which we both organise and implement. Traffic-control service, ticket and personal checks, monitoring, anti-theft protection, first aid, fire prevention and information service are a few of our services that can be part of a complete assignment.


  • Bodyguard
  • VIP escort
  • Limousine service
  • Preliminary information
  • Courier services

Our personal and escort security service is of use to public personalities who feel bothered and threatened by the media or fanatic fans, as well as for persons who are subject to increased risk through personal, company or
institutional involvements.

In order to property deal with the delicate task of personal and escort protection, we hire security agents with professional experience who are especially trained for this purpose and keep them constantly educated by internationally recognised instructors.

The comprehensive security concept of our personal and escort security service includes the complete organisation of the limousine service and advance information regarding hotel, flight and road routes, excursion destinations and special permits from the authorities.

Of course, we also accompany our customers on cash courier trips and during the transport of valuables and thereby ensure your personal security.


  • Passenger & crew profiling
  • Catering security
  • Passenger and baggage escort
  • Cabins & on-board monitoring
  • Passenger & baggage screening (access check)
  • Airplane monitoring (securing locations)
  • Flight escort (sky marshal)

The insurance costs for airplanes have increased steadily since the events of September 11th, 2001 and unfortunately are only truly felt following a claim as a “return of investment”. Furthermore, nothing can replace the loss of human life following an airplane disaster.

The aspect of preventative security is gaining more and more importance in private aviation as well. For this reason, the ISG company has focused on this issue in a major way since its founding. Our competent private airline security team works very closely with professional aviation experts both domestically and abroad in order to continuously adapt our knowledge base in regard to special circumstances and innovations.

As much as possible, we aim to minimise the residual risk efficiently. Our integral security system, which is painstakingly worked over by our specialists like a pilot’s checklist, can limit the risk to a minimum.

This includes a review of the engineers, crew and passengers in advance.

Monitoring of catering and food deliveries. Our personal and accompanying security team can be in charge of escorting the crew and passengers as well as the transport and screening of all baggage. Security on board is guaranteed through systematic checks of the plane cabins and access checks of crew and the passengers. Complete safeguarding of the area for the duration of the flight and support by our personal and escort security specialists round off this professional security apparatus.


  • Personnel screening (Preliminary information)
  • Observation of persons / locations
  • Video monitoring of persons / locations
  • Investigations
  • Assistance to insurance companies
  • Verification duties required by contract law

Our Security Consulting & Investigation Team will obtain the information you require through professional research both in the personal and business areas. We observe, investigate, and search for persons or property domestically or abroad.

We also provide observational assistance to insurance companies and perform verification in terms of the requirements of contract law.


  • Developing security analyses (actual/target)
  • Creating security concepts
  • Risk checks
  • Developing a catalogue of measures
  • Organising personnel training / Coaching
  • Security managers

Depending on the individual situation of the assignment, we can be both the general contractor and the “task force” for the specific assignment on a per-project basis. On a case-to-case basis, we are involved in the execution, strategy, concept and development of security deployment, either in a management or a support capacity. Everything from the creation of risk analyses to security controlling are developed into a complete concept which takes the goals, desires and capabilities of the customer in the security area into account.

The strategic and tactical recommendations which result from the risk assessment of our customers are provided in confidential documentation. The security professionals on the Security Risk Management Team will recommend ideal solutions and will handle the implementation of all preventative programmes and solutions which are identified by the risk assessment.

A variable tool for cost control and a boost in efficiency is the ability to outsource the functions of the security manager. Awarding the security management contract to a professional security company will reduce your personnel costs because the required resources can be distributed with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.



Training / Further Training

Because every individual employee is the calling card of our company, we put a lot of stock in the recruitment of the employees.
We only hire personnel that already have basic training in technical requirements, professional ethics, fire prevention, first aid, experience with commercial law, and social competence, as well as practical experience.
A current extract from the penal record, prosecution information and personal references are required for employment.

Depending on the position, the employees receive training or further training in the following areas.

  • RSG 2000 (pepper spray)
  • Hand-to-hand combat / self-defence
  • Monadnock PR-24 (police multi-purpose baton)
  • Handguns

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The security company ISG International Security Guards AG is here to help you with around the clock, professional service for all security issues. Our highly-qualified team will protect you from violence and criminal activity and will give you the security you desire. We are the best choice for services which are becoming more and more demanding. We keep our security guards up to date through regular, intensive seminars, and can offer an experienced, capable and dynamic team that focuses exclusively on the safety of you and your assets.

Our security business, originally focusing on the areas of personal, escort and property protection, has been continuously expanded through a close collaboration with various partner companies in the areas of security risk management, security consulting & investigation, private airline security and IT security.

ISG is an internationally active security company which provides you with one of the most state-of-the-art control centres 24 hours a day. Our concept for success clearly shows that a sleek, professional and customer-oriented team proves successful. We are also a reliable partner for you across borders due to our top-rate international relationships.

In order for us to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, professional competence as well as serious, professional consultation and execution of the assignment are a major part of our efforts. Confidentiality, loyalty and flexibility ensure successful and long-term collaboration with our customers.

The ISG company is always ready to meet your professional needs with quality service. As a matter of principle, we never accept service assignments from customers which do not meet our quality requirements or which include unserious objectives.

We only use carefully selected and specially trained employees with a very high level of personal responsibility to perform the assignments. Recruitment is exclusively from the ranks of specialists in the industry and profession (military, police or similar fields). They are equipped with cutting-edge equipment so that they can carry out their assignments properly, purposefully and to the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

A contemporary and performance-oriented salary policy allows us to obtain qualified and motivated employees accordingly. Successful, motivated and satisfied employees are our most valuable assets for successfully achieving our professional goals.

Due to our diversified services, your can focus your resources on your core activities. Don’t leave your security issues to just anyone. Trust the experienced professionals of ISG International Security Guards AG.

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